Bismuth Small Specimen


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Pieces are approx. .75″ x .5″.

Bismuth has been known since ancient times. It was often confused with tin and lead, however, it is an element in its own right, number 83 on the Periodic table. In its naturally occurring form, it is an iridescent silvery white crystalline, brittle metal and is very rare. It is more usually a rainbow coloured crystal obtained as a by product of mining and refining lead, copper, tin, silver and gold. Traditionally, Rainbow Bismuth is believed to have been used to help ease through transitions, encouraging a calm acceptance of change and increasing our energy levels to be able to adapt and transform.

Bismuth is believed to be an element that stimulates energy, vitality and can help you achieve your goals, especially when working as part of a team. It may be used to support transformation by aiding travel between the physical plane and realms of astral and spirit. It is also thought to help with visualisation while shamanic journeying. Lastly, it is believed to aid in relieving feelings of overwhelm, isolation and loneliness.


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